Tuesday, September 20, 2011

As Seen on... A Sprouting Acorn

Last night, Michelle from a Sprouting Acorn emailed me to let me know that this week is National Child Passenger Safety Week in the United States.  I wonder if we have one in Canada...

Every Tuesday, Michelle (and her friend Andrea) hold a spotlight on an ETSY store.  Today they chose my shop!  How very nice of them! 
In honour of Child Passenger Safety Week, I am providing Michelle's readers with a 10% discount on the toy leashes in my shop AND an opportunity for one reader to win a leash!
Please visit the blog here to enter! 

  You could win this one...

 or this one...

Or any other one that you see in my ETSY shop.

Nighty night!
Must go to bed early because Mom, Sis, and I are going to a taping of the Steven and Chris show at the CBC building.  Fun fun fun!


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