Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tutorial: Harvesting Marigold Seeds

We have a well in front of our house that is like a miracle well.  Anything that goes in there will grow tall and big.  It's like instant Miracle Grow.   We had an old marigold plant in there from last year and the seeds were still in the pods.  So, Cheeky Monkey and I ripped out the old plant this past spring and sprinkled the seeds.

This is what the plant looks like now.  Crazy, huh?

To collect seeds for next year, you need to first look for dead flowers.  If you pick a fresh bud, there won't be any seeds inside.

(I love my little helper's cute little fingers!)


 Collect several

Open the bud

and you'll see this

Collect them and save for next spring.

Isn't Cheeky Monkey such a good helper? 


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