Sunday, September 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Bunny! (Party #2)

A week after we held the first party, we had another party for family.
This one was held indoors and was much more low key.

We moved in the pom poms.
I left them outside and they got rained on but somehow they are still intact.

Baby Bunny learned how to say "pom"

Pretty much the same menu but this time we had more pizzas and didn't get subs.

Can you believe the size of this balloon?

And the kids fought over the pirate ship.  

(This is a Little Tikes product and every time we receive something from this company, we get a good laugh from the catalogue.  It looks like it's from the 80s).  Will post a pic once I find out where the kids hid the catalogue.  

Oh and I didn't learn my lesson as I forgot to put out the cookies again.  Doh!
The good news is that our family figured out the recycling stations!!!  Yahoo!


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