Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Labels from Twill Tape Guy

I ran out of labels so I ordered a new bunch from Twill Tape Guy.

These were my old labels.  I had 4 colour choices:  yellow, grey, pink/purple, and plain.  I also had them on white and natural twill.

I prefer the white twill.  It's much sharper looking than the natural. 

My new set includes:  yellow, grey, 2 types of black, green and blue.  So much better than trying to print my own twill labels.

I bought a lot of these.  It's nice to have extra!
If you would like some too, just go onto Twill Guy's site and click on "Custom Printed Twill Tape".   Choose the size (0.5" - 1.5"), choose your colour, mail in your graphic (thanks hubby!), and place your order.  My labels are approx 1" plus 0.25" per side = 24 labels per yard.  Twill guy will send you a picture of your order before he prints it.  So easy!


  1. Oh, those labels are lovely! I love twill tape labels, they have this crafty home made look. I make mine, have a look if you like.

  2. Irina - I love your labels and your tute is so easy to follow! I only have laser printers which is why I bought my labels instead of making them. If you don't mind, could I grab a picture from your blog and link it to mine?

  3. These look great! I'll have to look into getting some.