Monday, May 28, 2012

Owl Toddler Backpack

I started this owl backpack 3 months ago. It's a first birthday gift for little A and it took me way longer than I expected. I guess I'm the kind of person who works better under pressure. I have only made these backpacks for little boys so it was such a pleasure to make something a little more girly.

Although I could probably make this owl gender neutral by changing the colours, I went with pink. I used recycled jersey for the applique... the pink owl was from a cerveza cusqueña t shirt that I got in Peru. I bought it after hubby and I hiked the Inca trail. When I washed it at home, it shrunk to toddler sized proportions. I didn't even get a chance to wear it! I've been waiting for a chance to repurpose it into something else. Given that it was a beer shirt, I didn't want to make a toddler dress out of it.

Too many choices for the piping...

It took me forever to sort out where the eyes would go.

But I finally figured it out

Some more pics...

Side shot... no pockets this time

I also made the lining a little different this time.  I decided to sew the lining to the backpack and cover the open seams with bias tape.  To be honest, I'm not sure which method I like better.  This way keeps the lining tight against the bag but I like the seams hidden, not covered. 

Joshie said he wanted this backpack too or if not, then I have to make him one with a dinosaur on it AND an owl.  Oh boy... he is growing up way to fast.   I guess it's time to move him up to the medium sized toddler backpack.

Here it is on my front porch... waiting to be given to little A.

Edited 11/2012 - New pic of the little A

Happy Sewing!


  1. I like the lining! I think it worked well that way :)