Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Another Toddler Apron and a Birthday Party at Loblaws

A couple of weeks ago, Joshie was invited to a cooking birthday party.  Yay!!!  We love those!  His friend A was having her party at the Loblaws on Queens Quay.  So of course I made her an apron.  

I'm all about the personalization so she got a nice big A on her apron.  I used a font called "Ravie" for the A.  For details on how to do an applique, I put more details in this post She's quite the fashionista (yes at 4 years old), so I went back to an old favourite of mine:  brown plaid.

I used D rings for the neck closure but next time, I might do snaps and put 3 or 4 on the strap. I used bias tape for the ties and enclosed the entire apron.

I wrapped the apron in tissue paper and stamped a little card.
I tried to get Joshie to model the apron for me but he wasn't cooperating as soon as I pulled out the camera.  Meanwhile, Baby Bunny was standing patiently to the side, watching me try to get a smile from Joshie.  Then Bunny said "try" and I asked, "really?  you want to try to model it?"  He nodded his head, so I quickly put the apron on him.

The party was so much fun.   The kids made their own pizzas, decorated cupcakes, made fruit skewers and wore chef hats and aprons.  Joshie was quite impressed by the automatic soap dispenser and wanted to wash his hands all the time.  Poor Baby Bunny had to stay at home because he wasn't old enough to go to cooking school.

Here's what the pizza looked like.  It was really good.

Joshie spent a lot more time eating his pizza than his fruit or even the Birthday Cake!  Shocking!

After the party, we went to A's house and had an impromptu play date.  I got to play with girly toys instead of my usual trucks and superheroes.  It was a great day!


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