Friday, February 10, 2012

My Day with One

My day with one... or should I say #2?  Yesterday, Joshie spent the day at Nonna's house (thank you!) so it was just me and Baby Bunny.  What to do?  I rarely get one on one time with him so it was a real treat for me! 

We didn't do anything too exciting but it was just nice to be able to give him my full attention.  Joshie had that when he was a baby but Bunny grew up always having to share.

Here's what I learned:
  • Bunny is quite independent
  • He runs really fast!
  • Being with 1 now seems sooooo easy
  • This is what it will be like when Joshie goes to school

First, we went grocery shopping and he helped me put away his snacks

Then we went to the sewing store to pick up some piping and bias tape.  He loves going there and hiding between the fabric bolts and choosing different colours of ribbon.  The ladies that work at Fabrictown are really nice to him and they don't mind that he runs up and down the aisles.

Then we went for a walk.  He wanted to hold my hand (sniff sniff).

Time for lunch so we made a salad

Naptime is over but now it's time for a little yoga. Hurry up bunny because it's time to pick up big brother!   We miss Joshie!


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