Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Zoo Adventures

Yesterday it was 5C... yes, in February!  I remember trudging through snow in February when I was a kid (yes I realize this makes me sound old), so it was a real treat to be able to take the kids to the zoo.  

Yi Ma CT took me and the kids to the Toronto Zoo for a little fun.  Honestly, I was surprised that they lasted until 4:30pm with NO NAP!!!  I guess it's because they had such a good time.

Today's fave?  The new baby polar bear!  The little cub was just introduced to the public 3 days ago.  There's a contest on right now to name this little guy on the zoo’s website and Facebook page.   It runs until March 16, then an online vote will be held to pick the most popular name.   Teo wants to call it "bear".

Here is a picture of him... so cute!

We had to see the penguins

The baby gorilla came right up to the glass and was very interested in my camera.

The aquarium was mesmerizing.   This little fishie has a stripe that make it seem like he has an eyebrow!

The kids were fantasizing about their fave ice cream flavours

When I got home - this was waiting for us from hubby.  Did we try each one?  Almost - we got through 4 of them before Baby Teo started kicking furiously in his booster seat.  Oops... probably too much cocoa or sugar for the night. 

All in all, a great day!


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