Monday, November 05, 2012

Yellow Dump Truck Toddler Backpack

Here's a toddler dump truck in yellow for little I!  Usually, my customers choose white for the truck but I am quite partial to the yellow.  I quite like the idea of a little boy jumping around in yellow rain boots, wearing this backpack. 

As always, I like to get my customer's approval before sewing the bag.  First I lay it out so that they can get an idea of what it will look like.  Then I sew on the applique and get one more "OK" before I do the rest.  

Here's the front and back.  Notice how I used yellow thread to sew on the wheels?  I am going to start matching the wheel thread to the main body of the applique.  I like how it ties it all together.  "I"'s mom liked the idea of putting the product label on the side of the door, kind of like a real construction truck. 

 Here are the sides

The lining is blue and red stars (my favourite!) and there is an inner pocket to hold diapers and other stuff.

Interestingly enough, I've had another request recently for a yellow train.  I wonder if yellow is becoming a trend? 

I've had several people ask me how many backpacks I make and how I juggle home and my Josh & Teo ETSY shop.  How I do it is by limiting the number of bags I make to 2 a month (and sometimes none!).  I really enjoy making these bags and I put my heart into making each bag special for the little boy or girl that is going to receive one.   Hence, I don't sew rushed, rather I take my time to craft a durable backpack that he/she will cherish and use every day.  

In addition to that, part of the decision to slow it down was the result of a minor car accident that happened at the end of August.  Thankfully none of the kids were in the car.  This whole experience made me re-examine my priorities and how I spend my time.  As I couldn't do much sewing, I focused my energies on my recovery.   I also started doing Yoga with my sister which actually combines 2 of this year's New Year's resolutions (ya!!!). 

I'm happy to report that everything is back to normal.  The car was fixed, a new car seat was installed, and I am good too.  The insurance company was kind enough to mail two teddy bears to my kids last month.   It was surprising but a nice touch.  The kids are now advertising for an insurance company but they do like their teddys...

 Happy November!


  1. Your amazing!! I would love it if you would link this post up on Friday over at F-it Fridays!!

  2. Love this, Jenny. Your work is perfection as always! :)

  3. The boy's rucksacks are so sweet! I love how you add piping to the seams!
    I'm glad to hear you are okay and good for you to take up Yoga.
    take care,