Saturday, November 03, 2012

Local Paper Feature, Halloween, Birthday and Good Times

This past week has been a busy one!  First off, Joshie turned 4 and we had a nice family party for him.  My mom made him this cake to match his knight costume.

Hurricane Sandy blew her way through the North East and Monday night was a bit scary so we kept Joshie at home the next day until the winds were calmer.  I had saved some birthday presents so we could play "find your present".  Ever since Joshie was little, we played the Find the Heart game.   He loved searching for the presents almost as much as the presents themselves.  His favourite was Uno.  Check out that smile! 

I made caramel apples

Joshie wore his knight costume to school and wore it under his jacket for Trick or Treating.  He told me that next year he wants to be a Power Ranger like all the other kids.  Sigh... I guess that's the end of Halloween sewing for me. 

Last but not least, when I opened up my local community paper, our Scary Well inspired by the movie "The Ring" was featured.   Hubby was really excited and so was I!!

Looking forward to next week!