Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Easter Cookies

Easter Cookies! Well, maybe they are just "spring" cookies. The kids and I made these this week to get ready for our Easter Weekend. Baking and Icing cookies with a pre-schooler and toddler was way more involved than I thought it would be. Joshie and I baked together all the time but it was just the two of us. No one tugging on my pants yelling "mine" or demanding to touch everything. The addition of baby bunny to our baking party meant lots of flour and stuff on the floor.

We made the cookies using this sugar cookie recipe.   I doubled all of the ingredients so we would have enough cookies to share.  Whenever I am short on time, I go back to this recipe because it's easy (all the ingredients are always in my pantry) and mixing the dough takes about 5 minutes.

So easy!

Here are the cookies READY to be iced.  Baby Bunny knows some words but it's funny how he's figured out very quickly to say "one coogie" and "just one". 

Now to the fun part... which is decorating the cookies with Royal Icing (recipe adapted from

1.5 TBSP Meringue Powder
2 Cups Icing Sugar
3 TBSP warm water
Food colouring

1.  Beat all ingredients until peaks form (approx 10 min)
2.  Separate into individual batches and add 1-2 drops food colouring

I always test it first on the back of a spoon.  If it hardens within an hour, then I know I did it right.

Joshie was patiently waiting for his turn to stir the icing.  Meanwhile, Baby Bunny was running around the house with sugar on his face!

Remember, don't add too much food colouring at once.  Try it one drop at a time.

Ready to start icing!!

We made all kinds of shapes.  The eggs were the most popular followed by the bunnies.  Unfortunately I made the blue icing too runny so our bunny's have masks over their eyes.  Next time I will forgo the icing.  The kids loved the cookies when they were un-iced but the minute the icing sugar came out, they just wanted to lick the cookie.

Now to get ready for our easter egg hunt!

Happy Easter!


  1. wow these are so sweet! love them...the bunnies are my favourite....Happy Easter!

    1. Andrea - I hope you have a happy Easter weekend! The bandit bunnies are my fave too. As I "age", I cannot handle so much sugar!

  2. Hey Jenny,

    Following from Bloggy Moms :). Your fellow GTAer. Please come check me out at



    1. Nice to meet a fellow Jenn! Thanks for stopping by :o)

  3. Such sweet cookies! Now I have a cookie-craving. I've dyed my pink icing with cranberry juice with great success, in case you're ever out of food colouring.

    Happy Easter

    1. Hi Tanya... if you were in Toronto, I'd invite you to stop by for tea and cookies! Thanks for the tip about cranberry juice. I never thought about that... even though it always stains my white tablecloth!