Thursday, April 12, 2012

My New Dress Form

Here's a pic of my new dress form (thanks Mom!).  It's really more of a decorative piece than a functioning dress form.   I don't care though... I love it!!  I'm sure hubby was thrilled to see me smuggle this into my trunk and bring it home. 

Looks very stylin' with a scarf

Sigh... must hide dress form from curious toddler.  

Off to start sewing something for moi!!!


  1. That is just beautiful. I want one!

  2. Hi Jenny, my name is aileen and I am from New York City. I am looking for a nice dress form and come across yours here. It is soooooooo lovely! It seems like your mom gave it to you... But do you have any idea where she got it from? If you have any clue, would you mind sharing it? Thank you so so much! My email addres is