Monday, April 02, 2012

Deciding on Fabrics and Taking a Break

Today I am taking a break.  The kids are with their grandparents, I've finished sewing almost all my ETSY orders, and I am now building my list of other things to do.   Yes, doing more.  

Earlier this year, I posted a note about some New Year's resolutions.  One of them was to refinish a chair that has been sitting in my basement for a long long time.  So I am now stuck between two fabrics with the same pattern, just different colours.

Can't decide which one I like more...  black background with white design or white background with black design.   Help!!!  Which do you think would look better?

I am now going to eat some popcorn (made from my "retro" popcorn machine) and watch a little bit of tv.

I miss the kids!


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