Monday, April 23, 2012

Thrift Store Finds

On my way to get my new iron, the kids and I stopped off at the Salvation Army to check out the goods.   They were pretty amused by some of the tackier things but I was hoping to find a chair to upholster (yes... I know I still have to start/finish the other one...).   As I was walking in, I thought I had found it but the guy carrying it wasn't an employee - he just bought it.

No matter, we had fun looking around.  We found some vintage sewing machines and the one at the bottom left looks just like the one I grew up with.

I also saw these two dress forms.   Fred Flinstone is sitting on the couch.

Hubby zoned in on this hairdryer.  Looks like all of our moms had one of these in the 70s? 

Last but not least, check out this bolt of jersey.  I didn't measure what was on it but for $24, you get a brand new bolt of grey jersey.  I have no idea how much fabric was wrapped up but I'm guessing that it's more than 24m.  What a steal!

I left empty handed... resisted the urge to sanitize my kids... and went on to buy my new iron.  I'll have to come back again for the chair -  maybe after I'm done with the one I already have.


  1. I love wandering around the thrift shop, especially after I have dropped off some items from home...I would not be able to resist those sewing machines!

    1. Good thing I had the kids with me! They don't have the patience to allow me the time to actually buy something. Hubby saw me walking towards the dress forms and I could see the "concerned" look on his face :o)