Saturday, October 08, 2011

AppleFest at the Markham Museum

We did the drive up to Markham for Applefest at the Markham Museum.
We ate some apples, drank some cider, had some apple bread, and had a lovely day.

Too much traffic!

Historic Home

The "snap apple" game.
It was hard!!  It's like bobbing for apples but instead of a bucket, the apples are on the line.

Looks and sounds like a train but it's really a tractor.

Lots of anvils and tools.

No one's at the Harness shop!

Old car

Religious french fries?

Such a pretty day...

We were too late for the bakesale.  Only 1 chocolate cupcake left!!

Cute little train ride.
It was closed for lunch.

CP Rail Train Car.

What an arm!

Everything is so cute here!

I love fall!


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