Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkin Surprise

Today we had a little surprise waiting for us on our doorstep.  The pumpkin fairies dropped off one carving pumpkin and two little baby ones.  Thank you Nonna and Nonno!

What a nice way to cheer us up... especially since both kiddies are sick and the weatherman was wrong again.  No sun today.

Baby Bunny has a fake pumpkin in the toy room.  He can't say pumpkin yet but we know his word for pumpkin is "bum bum ba".  He also same "bum bum ba" when he wants us to read Hop on Pop.  It sounds slightly different so only we know what he's trying to say.  He's really trying to catch up to big brother.  He can say ball, spoon, socks, ma, da and understands so much.


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