Friday, October 07, 2011

My City: Black Creek Pioneer Village

Last week we went to Black Creek Pioneer Village.   It's located in the West end of Toronto and the minute you step foot in there, it's like you're back in time...  I love going to the village.  When Cheeky Monkey was a baby, I had gone about 3 times.

First stop... the Tin Shop and this cute little bench.

Next up, the town hall. It's very empty inside!

Another cute bench!

Look!  A Pioneer!
Pretty Zinnias

A lonely pumpkin

Settler's home

The print shop

Lunch at the Halfway House and a treat for Cheeky Monkey

Such a nice colour of red!

Everything is just so cute!

From the Mill

Seriously, don't touch the horses.  There are "pioneers" who will pounce on you if you even attempt it.  And really, why would you?

How Quaint!


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