Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mommy Brain & Hy Tea

Yesterday I had a "mommy brain" moment.  I was "supposed" to have lunch with a gal pal "sans enfants".   I did everything right to ensure a stress free lunch (food in fridge for kids, routine for hubby).  Sounds great right?  Well, turns out that I had the day wrong - it  wasn't  lunch day!!!  Double Doh!

It wasn't a total waste because I got a mini break to sit on a bench, and have a walk before returning to my chaotic home.

Here's where we were going to go...

Hy Tea - nice play on words!

It's at the wharf in Pickering.  It's 10 min of highway driving from my home.  

So cute!

There's a nice waterfront, with cute shops, and a kids playground.
I can't wait to come back!

EDIT October 19, 2011

So I remembered to show up for try # 2 and lunch was really great!
We had High Tea.  I can't remember what my tea was called but it promised youthfulness - haha.  It's amazing what one week later can do for the weather.  I was bundled up this week and last week I was in a t-shirt!

Always in a cute cup and saucer
Le yum!
We had the scones first. Nice and warm!

Yummy sandwiches!!

We will definitely be coming back again!!


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