Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My City: Royal Ontario Museum

We've been to the museum 2 times in the last two weeks.  The first time we went to the museum, it was because Cheeky Monkey ASKED to go see the dinosaurs.   We had been reading Danny and the Dinosaurs a lot.

The first time we went, I forgot my memory card for my camera so we didn't really get many good pictures.  We saw the Dinosaurs, kids play area (so fun!) and the gems.  Surprisingly, the kids LOVED the gems.  Who wouldn't like some sparkly?  

The second time, we went back to the Biodiversity area to see the polar bear, aquarium, birds.  We didn't spend too much time with the dinosaurs although it was weird that we were the ONLY ONES in that section.  I accidentally shut down one of the interactive computers and hubby managed to restore the videos.   Unfortunately, he chose the wrong video set.  We didn't know how to fix/break it again so we left it.  Anyone seeing dinosaurs was going to have to watch the video on GEMS.  Whoops!

Here's the outside. 
We looked for famous people but no one from TIFF was at the museum.

Oops... Gems not dinosaurs


Even Baby Bunny was excited!

To the Bat Cave!

Gobble gobble

Fancy cupcakes at the restaurant

In the Kids section

Dress up time!

Let's dig for dino bones!

Nice to know that there's a defib machine in the Euro gallery

So nice but no pictures allowed!

Modern day rickshaw


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