Thursday, October 20, 2011

My City: Ontario Science Centre

This week we went to the Science Centre.  After going to Science Class, Cheeky Monkey was really excited to be going to the Science Centre.

Lots of cool things to read about and touch on the way in

GPS station - definitely wasn't an exhibit when I was growing up

Some very old trees!

The Weston Innovation Centre is really cool for kids.  Baby Bunny and I took a picture and it was "painted" on the big screen below.  The kids were in LOVE with the machine that shoots up little pieces of paper.  I'm sure there's a more scientific name for this thing...

Special exhibit

One of these guys is named Fred

In the old Science Arcade

Can you open the gate?


I love this little car @ KidsPark

Because the kids love to go grocery shopping at their height level.  The only rule is that you have to put the food back.  Feel free to put on an apron and get behind the register.  The kids can punch in how much food should cost and the register drawer actually opens.  Lots of fun here until a gaggle of bigger kids showed up.  Baby Bunny is really oblivious to all but Cheeky Monkey noticed the kids.

Future of Food?

Where we would be without one of these machines?

Maybe it's better not knowing...


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