Thursday, October 06, 2011

My City: Toronto Zoo

Mama's taking us to the zoo tomorrow... zoo tomorrow... zoo tomorrow

Last week we went to the zoo and Cheeky Monkey is still singing Raffi.  We first took him early March this year but it was way too cold so we didn't see too much.  This time, we saw more and Baby Bunny got to enjoy it too!

What a joker!

Such a Nice day!

Follow the paw...

Or the foot!

What are you looking at?

The warthog!

Riding the hippo

Last time we see the elephants before they are no longer at the zoo :o(

See what's growing at the Shamba farm!


Run through the tunnel!

Feed the seagulls!

Ssh!  The lion is taking a nap nap

Cheeky Monkey said:  It's Sophie!

Love the penguins too!

Another Fave book... 365 Penguins


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