Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toddler Backpack: Garbage Truck for Alex's Son

Toddler Backpack
This toddler backpack was made for Alex's son "J".  He liked the Garbage Truck bag (what little kid wouldn't, right?).   Alex wanted a more clean look for her son's bag, hence, no pockets, no buttons, or extra colours.  Simple look and clean lines.  Here are some pictures... side views, top, quilted bottom, real backpack connectors to allow for easy adjusting, and hippo lining of course!

Baby Bunny likes to model so he agreed to put on the backpack just to check for the fit. 

If you were reading last month, you would have seen that I made a Dump Truck for Shannon's son.   Recently, she linked up a really cute video on my Facebook Page (click on photos and then scroll to the bottom for photos and videos).  Her adorable son was running around wearing his little backpack.  Take a peek - he's a cutie!

Next up, I need to finish this backpack... (and then a new one for Joshie and then one for Baby Bunny).

Note:  I create and sell toddler backpacks through my Josh & Teo ETSY Shop.  However, if you know how to sew and would like to tackle this project, visit Made by Rae's website to purchase a PDF copy of the pattern.  

 Happy Sewing!


  1. that is SOO cute!!!!
    By the way, Jenny, my preview seems to be working again on FB!!! YAY...love your creations...

  2. Do you make these without the truck on it?

    1. Hi Colby, just sent you a note! Regards, Jenny