Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 4 of Cardboard: Train

We're on Day 4 of Cardboard and guess what? We still love cardboard!

Today we are going to spend less than 5 minutes to make a Thomas.   I'm convinced that all little boys and girls love Thomas the Tank Engine.  Is it the TV show or perhaps that every Chapters/Indigo store has a huge train table?

Skill level:  Easy!
Time:  5 minutes
Tools Required:  Diaper box, Clear Tape, Marker, Paper

  1. Turn the diaper box inside out so that the printed words are now on the inside and the clean cardboard is on the outside.
  2. Re-tape the box to secure it
  3. Cut a piece of paper large enough to fit the front of the box
  4. Draw a Thomas the Train face onto the paper.
  5. Put happy toddler into the box or use it to hold toys
  6. Choo choo!
Come back tomorrow for my last post about Cardboard!


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