Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My Downtown Adventure

Yesterday started off like any other day.   The kids and I did lots of stuff... we tinkered around on the piano (Elmo's Song about 30 times), played hide and seek, made another cardboard train (this time Henry), and they ran around wearing their super hero capes.

We also made and ate yogurt pops using pudding, raspberry apple sauce, and strawberry yogurt.  Le yum!

However, at 2:45pm, I said "goodbye kids" and "hello Go Train!".    My downtown adventure was to go shopping at King Textiles with Michelle from Thunderpeep Designs.  Michelle makes lovely cards and other things which she sells in her ETSY shop.  These are the cards that I got.  So nice!  She also put in some extra goodies in my loot bag.  I love paper.  Thank you Michelle!

I took a bunch of pictures of construction sites for Joshie.  This was by far, my favourite picture.  Love the orange...

This measuring tape was painted into the sidewalk near the fabric shop.

What a beautiful day!   So why no pictures of fabric?   I didn't actually get any (pat myself on the back for exercising self control).   I wasn't inspired so it ended up being just a nice day, having a nice chat with a new friend, and dinner with my cousin.  

Oh, and I came home to kids who missed me.  Aww... I should go out more often!

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  1. haha my boys love running around in their super hero capes! There was a while there where I could barely get my youngest to even take it off!!!

    Don't you love going out so you can come home and really be missed!?

    Those train boxes are so cute!! Def. going to have to try to make those, my 3yr old is obsessed with trains!