Friday, March 02, 2012

What an Exciting Week!

This week, I planned to do lots of crafty things and post nice pictures of the stuff I made. But, I didn't end up doing much of that.

We went to the library and the kids listened to some Caillou stories on the computer.

On Wednesday, we went to my Mom's house, got caught up, and serged this pile of fabric (and more!). I'm still trying to decide which serger to buy for myself. If you have a serger, please let me know which model you have!

Then on Thursday, I was interviewed by Sue Deyell from Back in January, she emailed me and asked if I would be interested in doing an interview for her online radio show. Of course I said "yes"!! I sent her two leashes for her kids to try out so she could see how these were used and get a better sense of the product. Once she had a chance to use them (the kids didn't lose their toys!!), we booked some time for a chat. It was supposed to be on Tuesday, but got bumped to Thursday so I had to wait a little bit longer. That was ok by me since it's been a long time since I did an interview where I wasn't the one asking the questions. But it wasn't too hard... she asked me about my internet shop Josh & Teo, selling on ETSY, and my toy leashes. It was over before I knew it! I'm now waiting to hear when it will air.

Friday, I had a business meeting with a store in Toronto called Kid Culture. It is a seriously cute shop that sells handmade baby/kid items made by local artisans. I can see my products in this shop and the owner agreed too! Click here to read an article and see more cute pictures of this store. Time to start sewing because in the next couple of weeks, my toy leashes will be available for sale at Kid Culture!

(Image Credit: Caroline Aksich taken from Toronto

Thank goodness it's now the weekend. I'm exhausted!


  1. That's awesome! Congrats on the press and the store carrying your product. And thanks for directing me towards the "Pin It" button HTML!

    1. Thanks Suzy! I'm glad the Pin It worked for you! Hope you had a nice weekend :o)