Friday, March 09, 2012

Just Hanging Out...

Wow... this week FLEW by...  I can't believe we're already at the weekend and I haven't written a post since Monday.   Normally I try to write a post when the kiddies are napping but this week, I napped with Joshie instead.   Although he's super hyper most of the day, he's always very quiet when it's time for Baby Bunny to take a nap.  Then, we get some quiet one on one time to do a puzzle, we read in bed for about half an hour, and then we snooze together.  It's true what they say about sleeping kids... they always look like babies when their eyes are closed and they are snuggled up next to you.  Most times, I usually fall asleep before he does, but I always wake up first.  I always hope for at least 5 minutes of sleep-watching before I have to go get Bunny.

I'm trying to capture all of those "pre-school" moments as in 6 short months, my baby will be heading off to school.  So my goal is to make sure that we have as much fun between now and then.

We went to the Toronto Zoo on Wednesday and the kids had a blast.  I was exhausted - all that fresh air makes me sleepy.  Kids have no idea how lucky they are... they get to sleep on the way home, while I have to keep my lids peeled open.

We checked out some different areas this time but made sure we saw their favourites:  the penguins, gorillas, and the lions.

Can't forget the fishies!

I love this chair.  So did the kids.  Joshie tried to take a nap on it.  Then Bunny tried too.  Jokers!

We forgot to see the baby polar bear but we saw them last time so they didn't miss them.  We did get to see some kangaroos at Joshie's request along with some jelly fish.  Very cool!

Hmm... this post wasn't supposed to be about the Zoo...   Regardless of how one feels about the zoo, it's a great learning place for kids.  It's one thing to learn by watching a video on the internet and it's another to see these animals with your own two eyes.

Next week is March Break.  This pretty much means that everything will be very busy in the city so maybe I will have time to do some crafting and sewing?   I hope so!

Enjoy the start of March Break!  I'm off to bed so I can muster up the energy to drive Joshie to his last Little Farmer's Class at the Riverdale Farm.  I think we are learning about sheep...


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